Who’s the Hero Here? You Are!

It’s been a time when we’ve needed superheroes more than ever: a pandemic circling the globe, the entire West Coast of the U.S. suffering the worst wildfire season in history, businesses closing, loved ones wearing the same sweatpants for so long you wanted the crisis to end just so they’d shower and leave the house…

We get it; we live here too. And we’re all becoming stronger and more resilient as a result of living through 2020, the year whose motto might be, “Avoid breathing until further notice.” 

On the positive side, we’ve witnessed some amazing benefits of sheltering in place: wildlife coming back in droves. Smoggy skies clearing — even over Los Angeles. People creating new ways to connect, and reimagining all sorts of technological workarounds.

Business owners, especially, have had to stretch to meet the new requirements: investing in 6-foot space separators, placing hand sanitizer and cleaning stations strategically throughout the workspace, marking 6-feet-apart circles on the floor, and monitoring mask wearing. 

Fortunately, our sense of humor has helped keep us sane during this transition, and some of the “new normal” humor is quite funny. Even beyond this, however, there’s the wonderful outreach we’re seeing everywhere, in a time when every aspect of our lives requires spill clean up.

If you’ve been shopping with Impact Absorbents for a while, you know we changed our online name to Spill Hero last year. Maybe we were psychic or something, but we love how appropriate the term “hero” is for now. As we enter our 29thyear of service, we’re proud to be able to contribute to your spill clean up heroics with a plethora of spill clean up solutions that are easy, safe, effective, economical, and environmentally friendly.

We know who the real heroes are. Thanks for your resilience. Please let us know how else we can support your spill containment and spill clean up needs as approach 2021.



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