The Worst That Could Happen

Not long before Woodstock, another memorable ’60s event took place: Johnny Maestro and The Brooklyn Bridge released The Worst That Could Happen, and people nursing broken hearts everywhere shot the record to the top of the charts.

While Maestro and his 10-piece ensemble weren’t singing about conventional spill containment (their focus was hazardous tears, not hazardous waste) it’s entirely possible that the tune may be appropriate for your company at some point. Whether you work in a hospital setting, manufacturing plant, on an emergency response crew or in the transportation industry, spills are a fact of life. And while Impact Absorbents offers an ever-expanding line of spill containment and spill clean-up products to address needs ranging from oil spills to hazardous spills to erosion control, there comes a time when you need a special product designed to meet a very specific need.

That’s why Impact Absorbents develops custom products on request.

Tell us the worst that could happen, and we’ll produce the product(s) you need to meet Best Management Practices in your area. Creating a unique product that meets your application requirements means you’ll save time, money and labor as you build a safer work environment.

We won’t necessarily include a musical composition as part of the product, but feel free to sing a song of relief when you receive your custom order. By the way, we’ve heard through the grapevine that the long broom in our XSORB Spill Station can make a serviceable dancing partner in a pinch.

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