To Give Someone the Slip

You may have heard the maxim, “A good pun is its own reword.” That’s not a typo; it’s wordplay.

Back in the day, one of our team had a book called Punography, which contained visual puns. Like the one of a woman handing her husband a loose-fitting undergarment. The pun? “She gave him the slip”.

Here at Impact Absorbents, we appreciate a good pun as much as the next person. We also appreciate safety. So no one here will ever give someone the slip — just slip and fall prevention solutions.

Like the XSORB Universal Safety Spill Center Double Pack, which includes everything you could possibly need to respond to spills. Its high visibility makes supplies easy to locate, decreasing response time. The Spill Center’s wall-mountable rack holds:

  • 20 FiberLink Safety-Yellow heavy-weight bonded pads in dispenser box
  • 4 FiberLink 48″ universal socks in dispenser box
  • XSORB Spill Clean-Up Absorbent in 6 qt. container
  • Biohazard Response Kit
  • Full-length broom
  • Dustpan and short-handled brush
  • Disposal bags

Of course, when you’re talking about spill safety, you’ll want to invest in cones. Not the kind that hold chocolate or vanilla ice cream, but the neon orange variety meant to warn customers and staff that a spill clean up is in progress. Our Pocket Safety Cones fit easily into the pocket of a smock or apron, so they can be deployed quickly to alert others of the spill.

Speaking of visibility, have you gotten enough fiber lately? Again, not the kind found in oatmeal or apples. Though these are also good for you, they won’t be much help in cleaning up a spill. For that, we recommend FiberLink Hazmat Yellow Universal Pads, which come in a handy wall dispenser box that can be conveniently placed almost anywhere. The yellow color serves as a marker to identify caution areas, and the pads themselves are heavyweight, perforated, and dimpled for added durability.

So enjoy wordplay when the mood strikes you. Just make sure you have the right kind of spill protection on hand for those unforeseeable events, and you’ll never need to worry about giving someone the slip at your place of business.


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