Well Schooled for Spills

It’s that time of year again: apples are in season, there’s a nip in the air, and the kids are finally back in school.

<<Tearing sound>>

This is where the movie or TV show shreds the scene, on purpose. Because this is 2020, and nothing is like the old days.

Climate change means it may be more like 90 degrees instead of a pleasant 60-something. And COVID-19 has redefined everything about our lives, including how and when— or if — children will return to the classroom.

Distance learning — a euphemism for: they’re at home on computers, parents, and can you keep them focused? — complements in-person classes. In some states, it’s a hybrid; in many major cities where the number of coronavirus cases is high, all school re-openings will be virtual.

But wherever the education takes place this coming school year, adults can count on one sure-fire learning experience: how best to clean up spills. Because kids are still kids, and spills will still happen.

Whether they’re in the school cafeteria or at your kitchen table, you can bet there will be food shenanigans. Shaken sodas that end up on the floor, cupcake eating contests that lead to the expelling of stomach contents, or just the “usual” spills and messes you expect from children, all necessitate swift action on the part of those responsible for spill clean up. You know who you are. 

We do, too. That’s why we created Biofresh,our non-toxic biohazard super absorbent. Whether the tough spill involves vomit, blood, or other bodily fluids, Biofresh is the spill clean up solution schools and households can count on. Biofresh absorbs the hazard while treating the spill with bromine, a powerful disinfecting agent. In less time than it took the spill to happen, Biofresh turns difficult liquid waste into solid waste for easier disposal.

So whether you’re a teacher, administrator, harried parent or other adult doing your best to ensure the kids are studying and not playing video games, Impact Absorbents is here to help keep you safe and clean. Many members of our Impact family have children, too. We feel you (as the kids say).

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