Who’d Fall for That?

Some people are naturally graceful. They seem to float down the street, barely touching the ground. Maybe they’re a dancer. Or just sharp-eyed. 

But others appear to be natural disasters waiting to happen: every time they walk into a room, they bump something or knock over a glass. Uh-oh.

Impact Absorbents has many spill clean up products to address the spill from that glass. But if the clumsy person slips, trips, and falls on a flat surface on the job? That’s a real disaster. And, it happened to the tune of $10.2 billion a year in 2022.

This is from falling on the same level. Falling down a level adds an additional $5 billion to the bill. And slipping or tripping without a fall? Another $2.5 billion.

That’s an awful lot of disabling workplace injuries, lost work time for both your business and the employee, not to mention pain and suffering. And the potential for lawsuits. Your business doesn’t need that.

What’s the solution? We have over 500 of them.

If you’re a retail establishment or grocery store, you might want to start with a customizable Spill Hero Slip-And-Fall Prevention Spill Program. Each Program includes a unique line of products designed to improve customer and employee safety, and features the Spill Hero absorbent that can be used to clean up all liquids, drips, and spills regardless of their size, viscosity, or the inclusion of glass. Use it on your sales floors, docks, parking lots, and anywhere else spills happen.

And for Pete’s sake (and everyone else’s), please start wearing rubber-soled shoes with a really good grip. We may not be your mother, but we do care about your safety.

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