An Unvarnished Tale: Paint It Right, Then Rock That Paint!

We heard a tacky story from a business associate the other day. Tacky, literally. It seems the older building he works in has wood paneling in the bathroom, and the maintenance crew varnished the bathrooms over the weekend.

On Monday, the staff entered a sticky situation. The varnish odor not only gave people headaches, it was not yet completely dry, so people had to be really careful not to get it on their clothing, facemasks, purses, etc. We commiserated, “This sounds almost worse than a spill clean up situation!”

We don’t have a good answer for the varnish problem, but if you’re planning to spruce up your office this spring, we can recommend what to do with all the (non-toxic, water-based) paint that’s left over after a good recoat: do it a solid. XSORB Rock Solid Paint Hardener, that is.

You can’t take liquid paint to a landfill, so the best solution is to turn that unneeded paint into an acceptable solid. XSORB Rock Solid is the best environmental option for quick, easy, safe disposal. Just add to paint and shake or stir. Paint thickens into a disposable solid within minutes.

And, this product is one of many Impact Absorbents spill clean up solutions that have received Ecologo certification from UL, meaning it’s one of the top overall environmental performers on the market. 

So when you’re planning to beautify your workplace, stock up beforehand on the non-toxic answer to excess paint. It’s the least noxious, most effective spill clean up solution for paint products out there.

And that’s the unvarnished truth.


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