Car Culture: Spill Solutions for the Road

In Shania Twain’s hilarious takedown song, she says she’s not impressed even if a guy is Brad Pitt. She also sings, “OK, so you’ve got a car.” That doesn’t impress her much, either.

But with summer on the horizon, having wheels does impress a great many people, especially young people, who can’t wait to get on the road. America is a car culture through and through. Although, if you drive for a living, it may be a trifle wearying to think about driving for fun.

We get you. And we want to help. While Spill Hero can’t actually drive you to your destination, we can help you get there safely, with our transportation spill solutions.

First, consider your fuel tank. Putting quality gasoline in on a regular basis is only the start. To ensure the tank itself delivers its best performance, install our Safe Solutions Fuel Tank Dessicant Breather, which will remove moisture, dirt particles and other contaminants from air entering the storage tanks, preventing corrosion and chemical reactions by cleaning and drying the air entering the tank. This minimizes your maintenance costs.

Next, make sure you have one (or more) portable Spill Containment Berms tucked behind the truck seat or in the cab, ready to catch unexpected leaks and spills. Our berms come in four convenient sizes, with a spill containment capacity ranging from 15 to 94 gallons, so you’ll be prepared no matter what size rig you drive.

For the super-prepared, consider a Truck and Vehicle Spill Kit + Plug N’ Dike Pattie. This compact, high absorbency kit is designed to fit in vehicles for emergency fuel and hazardous spill clean up: oil, fuel, and chemical spills. The kit helps to comply with EPA 40 CFR 263.40(A), current BMP and DOT regulations that protect our environment.

So whether or not Shania ever includes your business in a song, you’ll be impressed by the care our products will take of your vehicle. And that’s what matters most.

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