Shopping for Spill Safety

Do you like shopping? Many women (and a lot of guys, too!) love the thrill of the hunt, not for big game but for big gain, as in, wardrobe items that turn heads and bode well for the C-suite. Perhaps. Unless you’re in the arts, and are going for a more avant-garde look.

But regardless of the type of clothing and accessories you seek, you’ve probably never gone shopping for spill prevention in quite the same way. A spill is a spill is a spill, right? No need to dress it up in fancy “clothes,” i.e., terminology.

Hold up! Spills differ as vastly as people, and must be addressed with aforethought so that your business can choose the best spill clean up or spill containment solution for the problem at hand.

Here’s what to consider when you shop for spill clean up solutions:

  • Mess make-up. No, we’re not talking cosmetics! What comprises the spill? Is it a chemical? Oil-based? A biohazard? Impact Absorbents offers more than 500 spill clean up and spill containment solutions, so it’s imperative to know what you’re dealing with in order to stock the correct spill clean up supplies.
  • GPS. Is the spill on land or on water? In an isolated location or one that’s heavily populated? Again, knowing the spill specifics will help you decide on the best spill clean up products at this time. Spill Hero includes oil-only, chemical specific, granular absorbents, pads and rolls, booms and socks. That’s a lot of choice. It’s almost like being in a department store.
  • Capacity. This is when you ask a team member to take on just one. more. assignment…and they spring a leak. Of course, that will never happen with Spill Hero products, because all of them are non-leaching and will never break down. But, like employees, they do vary in their “absorbent capacity”. So if your business is more likely to experience a 60-gallon spill than a 6-gallon spill, prepare accordingly. This might be a good takeaway for people as well. Just saying.
  • Renewability. Many folks like to buy consignment clothing because it’s previously owned, so they’re not contributing to new environmental degradation. In our efforts to be as green as possible, Spill Hero also makes a growing number of products from recycled materials.

As you can see, spill safety has a lot in common with other kinds of shopping. If shopping is your jam, you’re going to love our extensive selection!

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