Clock This: Time Changes Everything

At 2 a.m. on Sunday, November 5th, the United States will turn back the clock. No, we’re not heading into a kinder, gentler era; just returning to standard time from daylight saving time. Yet it’s anachronistic even to say we’ll “turn back the clock” these days, since digital devices automatically reset without human intervention. If you still have a beloved grandfather clock or analog watch, however, you’ll need to reset them manually.

Changing back to standard time means it will be darker and colder earlier in the evening, as the Earth turns toward winter. And less light means more travel to and from work and other activities in the dark, which increases the risk of potential slip, trip and fall incidents (especially as people continue to text while engaged in every other waking activity, like human lampposts). With another El Nino winter predicted, it’s going to be even more hazardous than usual.

The solution? Get edgy. Specifically, invest in some XSORB EDGE Heavyweight Absorbent, which, as its name suggests, can go a lot of rounds in the rough weather ring and still come out on top.

Our champion spill clean up formula cuts through liquids, lifting them from the surface so you can easily scrub away synthetic oils, petroleum, hydraulic fluids and fuel spills quickly. Your asphalt driveway, parking lot, and all concrete surfaces will be clean and dry, not slippery — all while decreasing the cost of disposal, time, and labor.

As heavy as clay, XSORB EDGE’s wicking action makes it a superior cleaner. The dark gray color blends with surroundings and leaves no visible white residue. Of course, it’s non-toxic to humans and the environment, and exceeds landfill regulations for proper disposal. Whether you want to keep the walkway and roadway clear and safe on a raceway, public utility, event center, municipality, or other business, XSORB EDGE gives you the spill clean up edge.

As winter approaches, business owners do everything they can to help keep their business and customers safer. By preventing falls with smart spill containment and spill clean up solutions, we’re protecting those ubiquitous phones and earbuds from a nasty break, too.


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