Transparency: Know What’s In Your Spill Clean Up Products

Transparency is a hot topic these days. Celebrities wear transparent clothing on the red carpet. Sometimes they even forget to put on pants. That’s being transparent, all right.

And then there’s social media. We might wish people would be a little less transparent on these platforms, where they tend to digitally dissect and offer up every morsel of their lives for public view and critique. Such is life in the Internet age.

But there’s one area in which we think everyone should aspire to total transparency: business. Specifically, what goes into the products thy sell to consumers and to other businesses. Because knowing what’s in the products you use is the best way to stay safe and healthy.

At Impact Absorbents, transparency has always been our watchword, because we have nothing to hide. We’re proud to be ECOLOGO certified, with products that are safe for people, animals, plants, and the environment. Our Safety Data Sheets cover everything from our flagship Universal Spill Clean Up Super Absorbent to our Rock Solid Paint Hardener, from Coldform Oil-Only Pads to Pet Accident Clean-Up, and lots more: 18 data sheets in all. We provide this information in Spanish and French as well.

Still have questions? Spill Hero has answers. Our FAQ page will tell you all about our premier product, XSORB, developed in the Tharps’ garage ‘way back in 1992. We explain that XSORB is a non-toxic, natural blend of siliceous minerals and other inert ingredients are combined in a manufacturing process to create an incredibly effective, efficient, environmentally compatible absorbent that leaves no residue and is completely safe to use.

In our view, being transparent is the best — the only — way to do business. And we must be on the right track, with a growing global consumer base as we enter our 32nd year.




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