El Nino Returns: What Will It Mean for Our Winter?

Children don’t typically influence the weather, though they are known for precipitating spill clean up events. But El Nino (“little boy” in Spanish) is a recurring weather pattern that can have a ripple effect around the globe. El Nino occurs when ocean temperatures are warmer than normal for an extended period. Anyone who waded into the equivalent of bathtub temperatures in the ocean this past summer has had a sneak preview of what the coming winter will be like.

El Nino affects the jet stream, which usually shifts south during an El Nino winter. This reverses the typical weather pattern, bringing cool, wet weather to the South and making for a warmer, drier North. After last year’s punishing storms, northern California may welcome a drier season, and the South, a wetter one. But since we really don’t know what the child will do, it’s best to prepare for any eventuality:

  • Clean rain gutters so that water will flow freely through downspouts. Water goes where it can, and if the proper channels are clogged, it may pour over the roof and rot out your second-story or foundation. Not good for your business, house, or organization.
  • Inspect the roof for loose shingles, cracks and other potential repairs needed.
  • Check storm drains. Grass, leaves and other yard waste clogs the drainage system and pollutes downstream waterways, all of which flow directly into local creeks and rivers. Impact Absorbent’s Erosion & Sediment Control Gravel Bags are an ideal spill containment resource, preventing sediment, debris and other contaminants from seeping into the water system. Made of high quality polymer material that is woven into shape, our gravel bags are easy to fill, stay in place, and are strong enough to withstand multiple impacts. They are also a NMP (Best Management Practice) used to meet regulatory requirements for storm water and erosion control.
  • Trim tree branches that appear loose or are hanging heavily over structures. Consider staking young trees.
  • Assemble materials for waterproofing and stopgap repairs: the gravel bags, plywood, plastic sheeting, lumber and other emergency building materials. You might want to order some Fiberlink Universal Spill Booms, too. These booms will rapidly soak up any spill or leak and keep it from spreading, keeping drains and walkways safe for staff and customers. They also mold around machinery or barrels, making them very handy for automotive shops and construction sites.

What Mother Nature’s offspring is planning for the winter/spring of 2023-2024 is still uncertain. But Spill Hero is ready to handle whatever spill containment needs arise. Let us help you keep it clean, with the spill clean up solutions for any kind of weather.

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