Compliance in the Time of COVID-19

At the end of last year, OSHA’s USP 800 compliance regulation took effect. USP 800 is about providing safe handling of hazardous drugs for all healthcare personnel, patients, and the environment, including pharmacies, hospitals, healthcare institutions, patient treatment clinics, physicians’ practice facilities, and veterinarians’ offices.

Who would have thought COVID-19 would rear its terrifying head soon afterward?

In the age of this novel coronavirus, when healthcare providers are stretched to the limit providing care for an excessive number of patients all at once, it’s more crucial than ever to protect everyone involved from both viral transmission and hazardous drug spills.

Impact Absorbents, always on the frontlines of innovative spill control and spill clean up solutions, developed Spill Hero Hazardous Drug Kits, offering both a Hazardous Drug Deluxe Compounding Spill Kit and a Hazardous Drug Personal Protection Kit for healthcare workers. 

Both Kits include:

  • Personal protection equipment (PPE) and tools to keep your employees safe and protected during hazardous drug interactions
  • All necessary supplies for spill clean up and disposal of hazardous drugs
  • Rx Destroyer media and XSORB Plus absorbent
  • Simplified step-by step directions for quick and easy set-up.

Most important of all, our new Hazardous Drug Kits meet USP 800 standards for compliance.

With more than eight million US healthcare workers exposed to hazardous drugs each year, on top of the current health crisis, it’s essential to make sure your business, staff and patients are protected from hazardous spills. 

We’ll all get through this challenge together, and emerge stronger, wiser, and more aware of what community really means.


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