Don’t be Crude

Environmentalists have hotly opposed the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline, the fourth and final phase of a trans-Canadian/US oil transport system, for its potential impact on land and water resources. The pipeline proposal has also ignited a geopolitical firestorm, enraged indigenous leaders, presented economic and safety concerns, and generated a spate of public protests all of which continue to postpone the green light. Which is very good news.

Whatever the eventual outcome for the XL pipeline proposal, we at Impact Absorbents think a smart plan would involve a slight twist on a popular Elvis Presley tune: Don’t Be Crude. There’s a proper way to handle oil spills and spill clean up, as we noted in a recent post.

In fact, we believe what ought to be “in the pipeline” is creative thought for new ways to live and work in harmony with our environment. We offer 14 spill kits designed expressly for oil spills, as well as a vast array of pads, booms, socks, and pillows. Not to mention our signature XSORB Select Oil Absorbent, available in both handy bags and a 55-gallon Poly drum.

And because Impact Absorbents has a strong environmental as well as customer service focus, we’re constantly developing new and enhanced products to better support the wide range of industries that depend on spill containment and spill clean up absorbent and safety products. From transportation and raceways to harbors and hospitals, from food service and grocery to schools and event centers, we’re dedicated to meeting your evolving business and household needs.

We promise to keep an eco ethos in the pipeline. After all, it’s the refined way to behave.





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