Don’t Get Spooked by Halloween Spills

It’s almost trick-or-treat time again, and that’s bound to translate into an excess of candy and at least a few upset tummies, which can translate into a bit of a mess on the floor, or table, or wherever the bobbing for apples and gorging on candy takes place.

Don’t despair. Biofresh was made for this purpose. In fact, you may want to consider costuming yourself as Biohazard Man (or Woman), accessorized with a canister of our handy spill clean-up solution for those indulgent occasions such as Halloween. You’ll look the role with our complete Biofresh Disinfecting Biohazard Kit, which prepares anyone to transform into a biohazard spill clean-up expert no phone booth required. (Anyway, in the cell phone era who could even find a phone booth?)

The Biohazard Kit has it all: Biofresh, of course, along with a pair of high risk protective gloves (not even the ghoulish want vomit or blood on their hands), a dust mask, disposal bag, disposable dustpan and brush set, disinfecting towelettes, and step-by-step illustrated instructions. We’ve even created a YouTube video on biohazard spill clean-up, though showing it to your friends is unlikely to make you the hit of the party.

If you’d rather abstain from all the Halloween hoopla and just hang out looking ‘way too cool, we can assist there, too: these protective lenses make both a fashion and comfort statement. They’ll block UV rays, protect your eyes from whatever shenanigans the kids or your colleagues are pulling, and can serve you on the job as well, depending on what you need protection from.

So don’t give Halloween the ghost of a chance to spook you. Be prepared for any spill clean-up eventuality, and look cool while you’re at it, too.


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