Taking a Tumbler

Glass features prominently in so many areas of our lives. There’s Cinderella’s glass slipper, Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass, Blondie’s “Heart of Glass”, and, more recently, Google Glass. But Impact Absorbents is the first company to introduce a product made from recycled glass as a spill clean-up and safety solution. And it’s definitely a glass more than half full, because XSORB keeps your floors clean, safe and free from debris such as, um, broken glass.

Grocery stores, event centers and restaurants are just a few of the industries that love XSORB Universal Spill Clean-up, and not just because they sell a lot of products stored in glass, such as wine, juice, and other beverages. What’s interesting about glass is its origins: glass is made from silica, commonly found in nature as sand. So even though you’re not technically using glass to solve your spill clean-up needs, you are performing a form of alchemy, transforming once-sticky floors into shiny walking surfaces clean enough to mirror your satisfaction. And that’s better than a walk on the beach! (Just kidding)

Of course, like all Impact products, XSORB Outdoor is gorgeously green: non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and safe to use around kids, food, pets even sloppy adults.

Our customers are starting to think of XSORB as the Fairy Godmother of floors. If your store or event hall or school becomes a slippery slope this fall season, with spills appearing like magic everywhere you don’t want them (sort of like wicked stepsisters), simply wave your wand and intone, “XSORB is the answer!” Because XSORB Outdoor is the handsome prince with the spill clean-up “glass slipper” that always fits. And that’s no fairytale.

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