Go Analog for Spill Safety in 2021

What’s with that crazy headline? We’re not suggesting you give up your smartphone or iPad; just that you act more analog in the wet winter months as a safety precaution. 

We understand: in this strange remote-only landscape, digital is our only means of staying connected to one another. But that won’t help you — or your business — if you or anyone on your team has a slip and fall accident because you were focused on your phone rather than on the slippery conditions ahead. 

Here’s the deal: keep an XSORB Spill Station with Long Broom at the ready. Custom-made to hold our flagship XSORB Spill Clean up Absorbent, the Spill Station will leave your floors clean, dry, and residue-free in a matter of minutes. It’s especially handy for grocery and retail establishments, which see just as much foot traffic, if not more, during challenging times as “normal” ones.

Our Spill Station will:

  • Reduce slip and fall injuries
  • Cut labor costs up to 70%
  • Open aisles in record time

And, of course, like all Spill Hero products, it’s safe to use.

After all, when we’re advised to shelter in place, toilet paper needs increase. To put it delicately. We’re sure you’ve seen some of the more humorous videos by now. They’re amusing, though less so if you’re laid up with something injured or broken in a fall. Or if a customer or employee is. Ouch. Not to put too fine a point on it. 

So this winter, encourage your people, those you employee and those you serve, to put their devices away while shopping and walking, especially so they don’t crash into someone else or smash into a store display, creating one of those nasty slip-and-fall situations. 

We’re grateful to have the ability to connect with everyone across the globe at the touch of a button or stroke of a key these days. And for most of us, the novelty has worn off. So keep your device in your pocket, purse or car while out and about. When you go analog for safety, you’ll stay connected to everything.

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