How Do Doctors Stay Safe?

Medical professionals spend their days surrounded by people who are injured or sick. So how do they manage to stay healthy? Smart protection, as one young doctor-to-be learned the hard way.

The eighteen-year-old has a summer job at a nursing home, and one of the elderly patients in his care recently passed away. The woman was suffering from a number of maladies, including pneumonia and the young medical hopeful started experiencing lung symptoms after her death. Thanks to antibiotics, rest, and his youth, he quickly recovered and returned to work.

Biohazards of any kind are serious, especially when it comes to spill containment and spill safety. That’s why Impact Absorbents offers an array of protective gear for eyes and face, hands and body. While the student wouldn’t have needed a deluxe hazmat suit, he would have benefitted from a standard dustmask, which filters 95 percent of airborne particles. And the disposable nitrile gloves that are ubiquitous in a health care environment are an added, economical layer of protection when handling biohazardous materials or in any situation where it’s prudent to use extra caution with spill clean up.

In an era when hazardous spills are an unsettling fact of life, it makes sense to take precautions with your business, your team, and your own body. Smart protection keeps doctors healthy (they also wash their hands a lot!), and it’s good guidance for anyone, in almost any industry. Because, when you least expect it, spills happen.

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