Keep the racetrack clean with XSORB

The race track is an exciting place. Drivers maneuver their vehicles around tight corners, past their competition and across finish lines – all for the thrill of speed and a taste of victory. However, beyond the physical racetrack, racing can be a dangerous sport. At pit stops, oil leaks have been known to cause accidents among those workers who accidentally slip on the surface of the road. In order to keep crew members safe and operative, teams need to use absorbent devices to remove excess oil from their work space in between pit stops.

XSORB FiberLink Outdoor Spill Response Kits assist workers when they are trying to reduce the amount of oil, transmission fluids, hydraulic liquids, lubricants and gasoline that end up on the road and slow people down.

XSORB is a quick and effective way to clean up spills and create a non-slip surface. The absorbent kit cleans up spills four times faster than clay alternatives and absorbs up to 7.5 times as much as clay.

When it comes to keep the entire crew safe, XSORB is the fastest acting and most trustworthy absorbent product for the tough jobs that lie ahead. 

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