Keeping clean blue water clean and blue

The days are becoming warmer and more beautiful this time of the year.  Being a boat lover, I have been getting that springtime yearning which my wife refers to as boat fever. Walt Disney made a Goofy cartoon called “Aquamania” about what pretty well sums up my obsession with my boat. Most pleasure comes after sacrifice, I reasoned as I began my yearly labor of love by getting my boat ready for the season. I checked the batteries, cleaned the interior, and polished the exterior. I then checked the engine compartment. (I hate this part.) I found a small oil leak, just a small slick of oil.

What to do? I could do it the hard way and turn myself upside down and rag it out. Or I could just ignore it (the easy way). Well, I decided to do the right thing and go ahead and clean it. However, now I knew I had a leak and that it would continue to leak when I’m on the water. With an automatic bilge, I stood a good chance of bilging oily water into the lake, the same lake where we all swim and fish. That’s not even mentioning the possibility of a hefty fine. So, trying to be responsible, I took the precaution of getting an XSORB bilge boom and placing it in the bilge compartment. (the cheap and easy solution). Now I’m worry free for the season. Happy boating.

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