Nantucket Conservation Commission declines erosion control proposal

The Nantucket Conservation Commission denied an erosion control proposal from the Sconset Beach Preservation Fund (SBPF), citing various concerns in the decision. The Conservation Commission, a group committed to protecting wetlands, swamps and other areas in Nantucket, Massachusetts, questioned the proposal’s impact on local residents.

The SBPF, a nonprofit organization battling erosion along Nantucket’s eastern shoreline, submitted the recommendation as it attempts to protect area properties. However, Conservation Commission members denied the proposal as they saw the nonprofit’s plan as an issue to the properties’ north and south regions.

Safe methods are available to reduce erosion concerns in any area. People can use environmental cleanup products to eliminate erosion such as a Straw Wattle for Erosion Control.

The device gives users the opportunity to reduce soil issues with a simple and easy-to-use tool. The straw wattle reduces soil erosion, keeping dirt and sand in place as it maintains sediments on slopes. In addition, the wattle prevents residue blockage as the netting features a high-density polyethylene and ethyl vinyl acetate with UV inhibitors. Crews assigned to maintaining sensitive beach environments may want to utilize the many benefits offered by high-quality Straw Wattle products. 

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