Oil Spills: A Daily Reality Show

These days, reality shows (and stars) blanket the Internet, magazines, and our daily lives, whether we want to hear about them or not. And they’re relatively harmless.

The same can’t be said of oils spills, which are also a daily,often deadly, reality, harming marine life as well as the environment.

While Impact Absorbents can’t stop oil spills from happening, wecanhelp those who work in the marine environment to resolve an oil spill faster, and more ecologically, with premium spill containment solutions. Consider which of these oil spill clean up solutions might be best for your business:

  • XSORB Select Oil Absorbent Bilge Boom(case of 12). Thisoil absorbent solution, encased in fabric with rope, netting and hooks for easy attachment and removal, removes contaminated oil from the boat’s bilge, leaving only clean water behind. Approved for oil-spill clean up to protect sensitive marine environment, it’s licensed as an oil spill clean up agent by the California Department of Fish and Game, absorbs four times its weight, and is hydrophobic, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.
  • FiberDuck Bonded Oil Absorbent Roll. Constructed for extra absorbency, our bonded oil absorbent roll is ideal for oil spills on land or water. Like the bilge boom, it’s hydrophobic, so while floating,our oil-only polypropylene absorbs all petroleum-based liquids, without absorbing a drop of water. These extremely durable heavyweight pads are perforated, so you use only what you need, reducing waste.
  • FiberDuck Oil Absorbent Sock. For small oil spills, these socksquickly absorb hydrocarbons such as crude oil, diesel oil and gasoline. They’re also designed to contain spills around machine bases. The durable polypropylene skin is UV-, chemical- and tear-resistant.
  • FiberDuck Economy Oil Absorbent Spill Kit. When you have a small oil-based spill, reach for our FiberDuck Economy Oil Spill Kit, designed to clean up oil-based spills on the spot, easily, effectively, and economically.Designed to fit under or behind the driver’s seat to achieve local and state law compliance, each spill kit absorbs up to 4.5 gallons.

By doing our part, each of us can help reduce the danger of oil spills on the marine environment and wildlife. In terms of the wild life of reality stars, however, you’re on your own. We suggest watching less TV, and spending more time in nature.

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