On the Move

Fall is a great time to relocate, even if it’s just across town. But oh, the things you find when you move that sofa or take down the shower curtain. You know, the one that’s been stuck to the back of the tub since your last child was born? The child who just left for college? Mm-hm. And those kitchen counters, which aren’t really beige, but just look that way after years of oil spills and splatters?

Fret not. We’re here to help. XSORB Universal Spill Clean-Up is on the job, whether that entails spill-clean up in the kitchen or dealing with those mishaps a move can engender. Such as when your spouse knocks over a bottle of juice somebody left on the floor as he heads back to the garage.

We can help out in the garage, too. Those extra cans of paint left over after your teen re-did her bedroom? No point lugging them to the new place. She’ll probably want to paint her new room a different color anyway. Just add XSORB Rock Solid Paint Hardener to what remains of any latex or acrylic paint, shake or stir, and watch as paint hardens into a disposable solid within minutes.

Then, of course, there’s the dog’s “area”. While the new tenants or homeowners may be planning to redo the floor, you still need to get it as clean as possible when you move out. XSORB is prepared for Fido’s or Fluffy’s needs. Pet Accident Clean-up lives up to its name. Because, golly, moving is stressful for the animals who share your space. You’re changing up their familiar nests and seem busy with all sorts of strange activities, most of which involve packing up their beloved chew toys, scratching posts and yes, food. So of course there might be a little nervous accident.

All this move preparation sure can be exhausting. Your arms may feel as if you’ve been lifting weights for weeks. And once you’re at the new place, you get to repeat it all in reverse, unpacking and putting your belongings away. But look on the bright side: you can probably skip the gym for at least a few days after your house gets through with you.

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