Pay Attention! It’s Accident Season

Attention isn’t a recognized medium of exchange. You can’t buy groceries with it, or get your car fixed by listening with unwavering attention to the mechanic telling you about his family’s vacation in the Rockies. You need plastic or good ol’ greenbacks to pay for most of what you need to buy.

But in one sense, attention is a form of currency: if you don’t pay it, you might have a bad experience. Like a slip and fall incident, because your eyes were riveted to your phone rather than the sidewalk. Or that shiner on your forehead, where you bumped into a lamppost while listening to a podcast while walking the dog and mentally reviewing tomorrow’s business pitch. Ouch.

Life can be challenging in 2023, no doubt about it. But the great thing about attention is you don’t run out of it if you “spend” some. Unless you’re too tired to keep your eyes open. In that case, please go home and go to sleep. But we digress.

In the fall, as daylight wanes earlier and the mornings become foggy, with limited visibility, paying attention is a worthy spend. And in your business, for those who are paying attention when others are not, you might want to keep a Spill Hero Spill Station Deluxe with Segmented Broom mounted securely on the wall, for fast and easy spill clean up.

The Deluxe Spill Station is custom-made to hold our granular Spill Hero Spill Clean-Up Absorbent, which is EcoLogo certified and completely non-toxic. All clean up items are easily accessible, and Spill Hero will leave your floors clean and dry in a matter of minutes.


  • Wall-mount rack
  • Spill Hero Absorbent, 6-quart bag
  • Dustpan & brush set
  • Roll of disposal bags
  • Segmented handle broom


The Deluxe Spill Station:

  • Reduces slip and fall injuries
  • Cuts labor costs up to 70%
  • Opens aisles in record time

So pay close attention this fall. It doesn’t cost you anything, and may just save you and your business a bundle in injuries and lost work time. And if you discover paying attention works for the auto repair bill, please let us know.

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