Post to Our Wall!

What’s our fascination with walls? The group Pink Floyd created a three-part rock opera entitled, “The Wall”. Michael Jackson crafted a hit song and album called “Off The Wall.” And more recently, the entire world launched a cyber love affair with Facebook “Walls”, posting images and sharing insights and dreams with thousands of online friends.

You may enjoy posting to your own or others’ social media Walls, but here at Impact Absorbents, we’d like to invite you to post these on your business wall: Fiberlink socks and pads. FiberLink Universal Gray Medium Weight Pads may not be as exciting as a rock concert or as pretty as that sunset on your social media page, but they sure do get the job done when it comes to spill clean up

Our convenient wall-mountable dispenser box makes FiberLink pads always easy to find a real advantage when you’ve got a spill clean up to attend to before you can leave to attend a concert or attend to your online relationships. FiberLink pads absorb leaks, spills, drips, and overspray of all liquids, helping to prevent dangerous slips and falls. And these durable pads are perforated, so you only use what you need. Forget about paper towels and shop rags; those belong to the era of corded landline phones and vinyl discs. Quaint, but not nearly as practical for 21st century needs.

You’ll love our FiberLink Universal Absorbent Handy Socks, too. They easily mold around machinery and corners to catch drips, leaks and seepage before they can cause problems in your workplace. And again, the convenient, wall-mountable dispenser box makes them a cinch to find in a pinch. The gray color hides soil for longer use, and they’re economically packaged in Impact’s trademark recyclable packaging.

So have fun with all the “walls” that figure in your life. But be sure to post Impact Absorbents spill clean up solutions on your workplace wall. Because it’s one thing to be “off the wall” when you’re fooling around, but there’s no fooling around with spill clean ups and fall hazards.


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