Protecting the Planet After Wildfires

California’s latest spate of wildfires has thankfully been extinguished, and the massive clean up is well underway. Aside from rebuilding structures and clearing the air of residual smoke, one of the critical needs is erosion control. 

Without the trees, grasses, and root systems that provide nature’s erosion control, man-made intervention is necessary. The U.S. Forest Service says, “While many wildfires cause minimal damage to the land and pose few threats to the land or people downstream, some fires cause damage that requires special efforts to prevent problems afterwards.

“Loss of vegetation exposes soil to erosion; water runoff may increase and cause flooding; sediments may move downstream and damage houses or fill reservoirs putting endangered species and community water supplies at risk.”

Fortunately, Impact Absorbents has the solutions you need to help protect storm drains in your area — not just after wildfires, but in the coming winter rains as well, when runoff such as debris and sediment can enter the water system through storm drains. And, of course, there are also the numerous pollutants we humans create, from lawn fertilizers to lubricants, cleaning products to cooking grease. Improperly disposing of these environmental hazards can lead to fines. 

So stock up now on the solutions you’ll need this winter. Like DrainProtector II Safety Seal Squares. Lightweight and easy to use, this reversible drain protector forms a tight seal to block out liquids.

It’s versatile as well as effective. Compatible with a wide range of chemicals, DrainProtector II is constructed of solid polyurethane. The seals are tacky on both sides, so either side can be used. After use, simply wash the DrainProtector II, replace the plastic film, roll it onto the tube, and return the tube to the container for future needs. 

We know dealing with natural disasters is no fun. But when fire, flood, and other situations calling for immediate spill containment and spill clean up solutions happen, you’ll be prepared. 

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