Race to the Finish… But Oh, the Mess

Have you noticed how freeways have turned into raceways these days?

At least, that’s how many drivers perceive the road. The need for speed means they’ll tailgate until you get out of their way, and then, a half-mile farther on, they’ll zoom across several lanes of traffic to exit.

This is not exactly how people are taught to drive. But we suppose all that horsepower can be enticing.

What’s even more disturbing is the residue wild driving can leave on roadways. Oil, power steering fluid, or whatever else may be leaking from that “racecar” poses a danger to other drivers, not to mention the environment.

Impact Absorbents understands this, which is why we created a spill clean up solution designed for such scenarios. XSORB Outdoor All-Purpose Absorbent is a heavier formula that stays down even in slightly windy conditions, and sweeps away spills with the efficacy you’ve come to rely on from our spill clean up and spill containment solutions. XSORB Outdoor serves as a spill containment solution for all types of work trucks, tow trucks, fire trucks, municipality trucks, DOT trucks — or any other vehicle or application where you need an all-purpose absorbent for liquids and semi-liquids.

When you make XSORB Outdoor part of your spill containment plan, you’re always on the right track, no matter what other drivers may leave in their wake. XSORB Outdoor All-Purpose is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly, granular-based acid neutralizer perfect for racetrack spill clean up, even if the “racetrack” is a regular roadway. Pound for pound, XSORB Outdoor absorbs six times more than clay, saving labor, time and money.

Wherever you drive this winter, please drive safely, with a well-maintained vehicle. And be sure to keep some XSORB Outdoor on hand for those other drivers, who may be just a little too excited by all those horses under their hood.

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