Railroad Ties

We’re such a car-centric society that it’s easy to forget the country was once wedded to the railroad. Train travel was an exciting way to see the sights or meet a loved one, as well as to do business. Today, trains and subways are simply modes of transportation, albeit ones that permits people to text or talk without fear of causing an accident. But as we grease the wheels of progress, the rail system is undergoing a revival.

Now that California high-speed rail is becoming a reality, XSORB is ready to work on the railroad. We’ve never forgotten our railroad ties and we know just what it takes to stay on track, literally. XSORB Railroad Absorbent Rolls are tough, durable mats that create a heavy, oil-only absorbent barrier by ultrasonically bonding three layers of material together. The top layer is a black UV stabilized needle punched polypropylene. The second layer is constructed from high strength blue melt-blown poly, and the base layer is heavy plastic.

These mats are specially designed for rail-specific applications, absorbency and spill protection at railroad tracks, with a plastic backing for added durability and chemical resistance that prevents liquids from escaping into the ground. As with all XSORB products, our train of thought keeps one eye on the environment, and we develop customer solutions with spill prevention and spill containment in mind.

So whether or not “you can hear the whistle blow 500 miles” or are preparing to board the Midnight Train to Georgia, with XSORB you’ll always be the engine, never the caboose.

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