Residents notice few changes to environmental cleanup policy following hazardous chemical spill anniversary

In 1970, residents of Le Roy, New York, saw the effects of a hazardous chemical spill firsthand.  However, reports residents have noticed minimal differences to the area’s environmental cleanup response more than 40 years after the accident occurred.

The chemical spill happened when more than 200 tons of toxic chemicals spilled during a train derailment, according to the news source. Erin Brockovich, an environmental advocate, spoke out against the spill and its impact on local residents following the accident. Some local citizens remain concerned about the spill’s effects and the lack of changes to environmental hazards by government officials.

“I’d worked with the stuff. The minute I smelled it I knew what it was,” area resident Thomas Yauchzee told the news source in reference to the 1970 spill. “When the (bathtub) appliques started dissolving, I knew something was really bad in there.”

People may seek cleanup solutions that provide protection and versatility and can be used in various chemical spills. The oil select sock matches these criteria, offering a flexible product that can soak up petroleum-based products in marine environments.

The product features three absorbent socks and hooks, netting and rope for easy deployment and disposal. In addition, the sock leaves only clean water behind as it can be used in waterways such as boating areas and contaminated barrels. 

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