Rushin’ to the Red

The need for speed seems to increase along with our 24/7 connectivity. It could be 8 am on a Sunday, or 9 pm on a weeknight, and drivers are still racing down the road to reach the red light sooner.

This has been especially concerning this winter, when the atmospheric river of storms California experienced made fast driving and tailgating more dangerous than ever before. There was always the risk of a flooded area up ahead, or a tree branch in the road.

It didn’t stop people from speeding.

While we can’t control how people drive, we can offer support for the spill containment and spill clean emergencies that occur on the road.

One item you’ll want to have tucked securely behind the seat is our Spill Berm. Compact and designed to stow behind a truck seat or in the cab of most equipment, the portable spill berm is essential when you spring an unexpected leak.

So, first, pull off the road so you’re safely away from those wild drivers. Then place the durable spill berm under the drip. Our spill berm can be pre-fitted with a disposable absorbent pad to catch the liquid. The berm is specially coated to remain useable at temperatures as low as -65°F and as high as 130°F, and can withstand hot automotive fluids including oil, brake fluid, diesel, gasoline, coolants and acids.

Another good item to have on hand is Fuel Tank Dessicant Breather. Tank corrosion and fuel contamination are costly yet preventable problems, and in the winter we’re having, with water making its way into everything, you’ll want to keep it out of your fuel tank if at all possible.

The Safe Solutions Tank Desiccant Breather prevents corrosion and chemical reactions within the tank by cleaning and drying the entering air. The filtering agents absorb moisture and trap dirt particles and other contaminants before they enter, so your tank contents are kept pure, minimizing maintenance costs.

We do what we can to keep you safe and road-worthy. As for the way other people behave behind the wheel, all we can say is, keep your lights on and wits about you, and give them a wide berth.


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