Smart Science: The Labpack You Need

We know what you’re thinking: science is not your strong suit. Subjects like chemistry and biology belong back in high school. But not in the real world, where you’re overseeing a construction site or a manufacturing facility, managing a municipality or a transportation hub.

Science is not really relevant in these settings. So why are we bringing it up?

Forget about Bunsen burners or dissecting small amphibians; the XSORB Outdoor All-Purpose Labpack Spill Kit encompass a completely different definition of chemistry and biology: protecting your body and those around you from dangerous spills and hazardous waste.

Whatever your work entails, chances are, spills will be involved at some point. And that can prove dangerous to your biology, even if you’re not in chem class. Hence the moniker, “Lab Pack.” 

Our Outdoor All-Purpose Labpack Spill Kits include everything you need for fast, easy and effective spill clean up. Each kit is OSHA and U.N.-approved, enabling your team to safely and rapidly remove the risk to anyone entering the area.

Each Labpack Spill Kit contains: 

  • 25-lb Bag Xsorb Outdoor All-Purpose Absorbent 
  • 5 FiberLink 4’ Socks
  • 2 FiberLink 10’ Socks
  • 40 FiberLink Pads
  • Emergency Guidebook
  • 10 Disposal Bags
  • 5 Hazmat Labels
  • 1 pair of Nitrile Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Dust Mask

That’s a lot of personal protection equipment, for your business, your person — and the environment.

So whether chemistry or biology (or neither) was your jam, as the kids say, you can be a spill clean up hero now by keeping the Labpack Spill Kit handy in your place of business.

It’s never too late to be a spill clean up star. And that’s smart science.


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