Soil erosion concerns mountain bikers in Oregon

Portland, Oregon, mountain bikers are considering erosion control products to improve conditions on a local bike trail, according to BikePortland. Portland Parks & Recreation Department spokesperson Mark Ross described the issue as trail failure after a tree fell and made soil near the bike path unstable.

The multi-use path has been a popular trail for hikers and mountain bikers, but a downed tree on the east side of the Willamette River has made it difficult to navigate. Ross recommends riders take their time to manage the trail, while city officials review their options and tend to the issue.

“Trail users are asked to slow down in this area, yield to the slowest traffic, and be considerate of other trail users,” Ross told the news source.

Eliminating erosion can be a challenging endeavor, and city officials may take their time as they consider various options. Purchasing a straw wattle provides value to cities and towns, offering them a simple solution to reduce erosion and improve soil quality.

The economical wattles keep soil in place in and around drain inlets, which prevents sediment blockage. Each product features a netting that includes high-density polyethylene and ethyl vinyl acetate with UV inhibitors.

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