Spill Containment: The Answer to Social Media

Distractions. They can be costly or even deadly. As this infographic illustrates, social media appears to be making us even more prone to distraction than usual. Which is not a good thing if you happen to have a job where concentration really matters. Such as air traffic controller. Or race car driver. Or hospital technician. Or food service manager.

Face it: nobody likes to clean up a mess. That’s why XSORB exists: to keep you and your business safe, and in business, even if your people are the most distracted since the days when tracking dinner was superseded only by sprinting to escape becoming dinner.

If your employees can tear themselves away from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and texting long enough to focus on work, consider this statistic: Impact Absorbents offers 93 different Universal spill cleanup solutions, including 22 forms or sizes of granular absorbent, 11 kinds of absorbent socks, 10 different types of absorbent pads, four Universal pillows, a trio of Fiberlink Absorbent Rolls, two FiberLink Universal Absorbent Booms, and 41 different spill kit combinations. But no partridge in a pear tree, even if this is the holiday season. However, if you happen to have a partridge in a pear tree, we have the product you’ll need to clean up the partridge’s, um, effluent.

Everybody is a little distracted this time of year; it goes with the territory. Let us help make your season a little merrier, with magical spill containment and spill cleanup solutions for every imaginable occasion. Your staff may still text or Tweet at every opportunity, but at least the floor and ground they walk on will be dry, clean, and safe.



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