U.C. Berkley oil spill quickly remedied by officials

An oil spill at U.C. Berkley, California, this past weekend released 1,290 gallons of liquid into the environment, according campus spokesperson Janet Gilmore.

Officials are still unclear of the quantity of oil that leaked into the nearby Strawberry Creek, but there are several reports indicating that the liquid has been spotted floating on the creek’s surface. In addition, oil has been spotted in the San Francisco Bay, where the creek deposits into.

The quantified negative impact the spill had on the environment is still unknown. Fortunately, officials were able to effectively reduce the spread of oil into the Bay by employing the assistance of absorbent devices. Such devices, like XSORB Oil Select Sock assists in the removal of all petroleum-based products from waterways by floating on the surface.

The absorbent aid is licensed as an oil spill cleanup agent by California Department of Fish and Game and has successfully aided in oil spill clean up in the past. Using the Oil Select Sock could help prevent further exposure and keep wildlife safe throughout the lengthy cleanup process.

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