The Cat’s Pajamas (Or, Say Nay to Clay)

Do you ever wonder where some unusual expressions come from? One that’s not common today, but likely was in your grandparents’ time, is “the cat’s pajamas.”

Now, we know a lot of people love to dress up their animal companions in adorable little outfits, but this phrase harks back a century, to a silent comedy film Paramount released in 1926. The storyline concerned a seamstress for a high fashion model. The seamstress was in love with an opera singer — and her kitten. Ever since, calling someone “the cat’s pajamas” has been high praise.

While we think all of our spill clean up products are the cat’s pajamas, and we do like cats, we can’t say the same for clay kitty litter when it’s used as a spill clean up solution. Here’s why: 

  • One 2-cubic foot bag of XSORB Outdoor All Purpose Absorbent will absorb more than five (30 lb.) bags of clay will.
  • Delayed absorption time of 15 to 30 minutes means clay is left to soak up the spill, often becoming a hazard to workers, drains and machinery.
  • Clay may cause cancer and silicosis.
  • Clay leaves a slick residue, creating a slip and fall risk.
  • Clay bags can weigh up to 50 lbs., causing difficulty in lifting and increasing the potential for injury.

By contrast, XSORB Outdoor is:

  • Non-carcinogenic
  • Approved by the FDA
  • Approved for landfill disposal
  • EcoLogo Approved
  • Super absorbent, so you use less
  • A time and money saver

So we suggest using XSORB spill clean up products for your home and business, and treating your cats to a healthier litter such as those made from corn, wheat, walnut, or coconut.

Making healthier choices for your business, home, and pets will have everyone thinking you’re the cat’s pajamas. But leave those silly hats for the dog. Your cat’s just humoring you.

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