Vacation? What Vacation?

The concept of “vacation” may need to be reimagined in 2020 and beyond. Clearly, after sheltering in place for months, and with travel bans for the most part remaining in place (and even if not, who wants to risk infection?), the idea of a “staycation” lacks the cachet of prior years, when busy employees reveled in the relaxation of staying home and just vegging for a week or two.

At this point, most of us are beyond vegged. We’re compost. And that leads to spill clean up suggestions. 

With all this time on our hands, many people’s homes are more spotless than they’ve ever been. On the other hand, some are encrusted with more layers of detritus than ever before, due to the extraordinary ennui that hanging out in sweats and watching videos while idly munching on whatever’s available can create. 

Especially now that so many more of us are working from home. How can you get that report done if your laptop is smeared with jelly, or your dog really did eat your earbuds?

Have no fear, Spill Hero is here!

Got coffee on the floor rather than in your cup? Soda on the wall from a kid shaking the can? We understand. And Floor Safety Pads can help — even if the spill’s on the wall.

As a true Spill Hero, we bring you Floor Safety Pads that contain a super absorbent polymer. Super absorbent polymers can absorb and retain extremely large amounts of liquid for their size. One little pad can absorb up to 16 ounces of liquid! For best results, place the pad on the spill and count 1-2-3, then wipe. When the spill comes into contact with the absorbent material in the pad, it’s drawn into the molecules by osmosis.

Sound magical? We pride ourselves on practical magic. Since everything is being reimagined in 2020, maybe a spill clean up solution can turn an ongoing homestay into something of an enjoyable staycation after all.

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