We’ve Got to Hand It to You

Hands. Whether we’re writing the Great American Novel or a business plan, preparing a feast or using an XSORB spill clean up solution to handle an exuberant effort in the restaurant kitchen, our indispensable appendages are in use pretty much all day long. Which is why protecting them makes good sense. After all, the expression “hand-in-glove” exists for a reason.

Now, you may recall our post on how to make a fashion statement with personal protection gear. At that time, we focused on suiting up and really cool protective eyewear. Today we’d like to talk about gloves.

Consider, for example, the PowerGrab. Donning a pair of these latex coated, string knit beauties can certainly help you feel the power your hands contain, and while they won’t necessarily help land you the corner office as their name appears to imply, they work superbly in an emergency response situation, where perfect grip is essential.

Or suppose you’re working with petrochemicals. Our ProCoat Smooth Finish PVC Dipped Gloves say precisely what they are: strong, protective gloves with an interlocked lining for greater dexterity on the job. And they’re black, which doesn’t show dirt. Black is also a fashion perennial, so you’ll always be in style with these gloves.

Of course, not all work glove needs involve hazardous materials or emergency situations. Ambi-dex Disposable Vinyl Gloves are perfect for food handling. These industrial grade liquid-proof gloves are economical, puncture-resistant and offer great comfort, dexterity and tactile sensitivity which is important when handling tender produce such as spring mix or ripe summer peaches.

So wherever your hands find themselves, at work, at home or at play, you deserve a round of applause for taking extra good care of them.

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