Management Tips for Spill Heroes

A lot of people aspire to a management position, especially when they’re just starting out in their career. Of course, if you own your own business, you are the manager, unless you’ve (hopefully) hired a great person to oversee day-to-day operations. It’s wonderful to know your shop or grocery store is being run competently in your absence.

But we bet you’ve never given much, if any, thought to spill management. The best time to implement a spill management program is now, before you have an incident. Spill Hero Slip-and-Fall Prevention Spill Programs are customizable floor safety programs designed to help retail and grocery businesses reduce slip-and-fall accidents.

Spill Management Programs improve customer and employee safety by targeting specific Spill Hero products that address your business’s unique needs. Long before you pull out the spill clean up products, however, it pays to put a plan in place. Here are a few tips to help you do just that:

  1. Create A Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Program. Knowing the procedures necessary to address a spill, and how to implement safe spill containment and clean up procedures is critical. If someone slips, falls, and sustains an injury, it will impact for your business.
  2. As soon as a spill occurs, someone on your staff who’s trained in spill containment should block off the area, notify appropriate personnel, and follow your SPCC.
  3. Once you’ve marked off the spill with Pocket Safety Cones, keep the spill from spreading. If it’s a very small mishap, one of our Floor Safety Pads or Spill Control Absorbent Strips may suffice.
  4. Clean up. Now you’re ready to return those floors to pristine condition. A Spill Hero Spill Station is often a good bet, such as our Spill Hero Spill Station with Super Squeegee Broom. But with more than 500 leading-edge spill clean up and safety products available, we’re sure you’ll find the appropriate resource to contain and clean up those spills effectively, economically, and in an environmentally sound manner.

Whether you’re an owner, manager, or line worker, when it comes to efficient, effective spill clean up, you’ll be a top manager with a Spill Management Program in place.

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