Textbooks — Or Texts?

Do children even study from textbooks anymore, or is it all screens now? Are there still human teachers at the head of the classroom, or are they AI?

Life sure has evolved in the 21st century. But as children head back to school this fall, one thing is perennial, regardless of the calendar year: how children behave.

They still have a hard time sitting still. They still play pranks on teachers. And they still engage in competitions that can result in some unfortunate outcomes, such as vomit on the floor. Uh-oh.

Fear not: Spill Hero is ready for them. We’re prepared to keep students, teachers, and school personnel safe with Biohazard Spill Kit with Biofresh Absorbent Plus Disinfectant. Whether the spill happens in the kitchen or the cafeteria, the hallway or the playground, with Biofresh, you’ll be covered.

Biofresh, one of our most popular products, particularly for schools, is a disinfecting super absorbent that swiftly encapsulates vomit, blood and other body fluids while treating the spill with a powerful disinfecting agent.

Biofresh is also one of many Spill Hero products that has received Ecologo certification from UL. Ecologo certifies that a product is a top environmental performer in its class of products, demonstrating reduced impact on the environment, and no toxicity to human, aquatic and mammalian life. So in cleaning up that spill accident, you’re staying kind to the school and planet, too.

Now, as far as studying goes, all we can say is: unless you want the kids using those phones for the work itself, perhaps you can act like an airline and have them place their devices into a basket until the bell rings.

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