The Heat Is On

Hawaii, once known as a premier tourist destination, has been under siege from wildfires. Fires have also been choking the air over the East coast as smoke drifts down from Canadian fires. California and Nevada continue to experience wildfire outbreaks. Record-breaking triple-digit temperatures decimated most of the U.S. in August.

Perhaps most disturbing of all, the ice in Antarctica is not reforming — something that ought to happen only once in 7.5 million years. This is not good news for the planet or her inhabitants.

At Impact Absorbents, while we can’t solve the climate crisis, we’re as concerned about what’s happening as any aware Earth steward. And we’re creating spill clean up and spill containment products that are as environmentally friendly as they are effective and economical.

For instance: did you know we now have a growing number of spill clean up solutions that are ECOLOGO certified? In order to earn ECOLOGO certification, products, each product undergoes rigorous scientific testing on a number of attributes to ascertain reduced environmental impact. We really live up to our name. Maybe we should call our business Reduced-Impact Absorbents, to signify how Spill Hero products will lower your business’ spill clean up footprint.

And even as we tread lightly with spill clean up for the environment, our products are heavyweights: Recycled Fiber Heavyweight Oil Absorbent Pads and Recycled Fiber Universal Heavyweight Absorbent Pads do double-duty, with advanced technology that expands the fibers to give you more surface area for increased absorption speed and capacity, yet using recycled pads that have already been in service in a previous life. Our pads consistently provide maximum performance, so it takes fewer pads to clean up more, helping you reduce waste, too.

Let’s send good thoughts to the areas on Earth that most need healing now, and do what we can to lower the heat. When the oceans are like a hot tub, it’s serious cause for concern. After all, there is no Planet B.

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